Blackwater: they gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse

October 7, 2007

Do you really believe most armed men in Iraq are American soldiers?

Well welcome back to planet earth. Here’s a little video for you to catch up to reality.

Sarcasm aside, the reason there isn’t a draft in the United States is because contractors are paid, by the U.S. government, to find young men and women to risk their lives for obscenely high salaries.

Maybe that isn’t the worst thing. Sure, chances of one being blown up unexpectedly are at an uncomfortable levels. But you aren’t anymore poor. If you didn’t have the opportunity, your life, in another scenario, would be a little more challenging, to say the least.

But what’s troublesome, is that unlike all other companies who the government does business with, these “War on Terror” contractors have really no rules they must adhere to.

The private security contractors working for the State Department have operated under murky legal guidelines. While U.S. laws apply to contractors working for the Pentagon, workers for the State Department do not fall clearly under American or Iraqi law, allowing some to escape punishment for wrongdoing.

In the LATimes article linked above, an Iraq war veteran, Janessa Gans, said that she was dumbfounded by the carelessness of Blackwater employees.

Gans, who related her experiences in an interview and in an opinion article published in Saturday’s Times, described one incident. In 2005, a heavily armored Chevy Suburban at the head of her U.S. convoy smashed into a tiny car carrying an elderly man, a younger woman and three frightened children.

But the blame, it seems, shouldn’t be pointed at individuals. Rather, the top folks at the Blackwater hierarchy.

When [Gans] objected, the contractors pointed out that they were trained to treat all Iraqis as potential terrorists.

So what do you think would happen if in addition to bunch of nobody Iraqi civilians dying, an Iraqi guard got shot and he died?

[Raheem Khalif] Hulaichi, 33, was shot in the head and died, leaving a widow and two sons, ages 6 and 10. The Blackwater employee claimed he shot in self-defense, but he was fired from his job. He was flown out of Iraq by U.S. officials and never charged with a crime.

Good guess. The family’d be sent a little check for the oopsie daisy. But how much, exactly?

State Department documents say that Blackwater and the U.S. State Department had agreed that $15,000 was a fair amount.

Awesome. Now the wife can go get herself a nice little Chrysler PT Cruiser. But the only problem is, the lady has too big of an ambition. She’s getting a bit greedy.

She said she wanted only enough money to put her sons through school and buy a house. Currently, they rent a 225-square-foot dwelling in Sadr City.

I know I said, “Sarcasm aside,” but that is ridiculous.

Here’s a link that lists all the folks getting U.S. contracts out there in the Middle East.


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