Obituary: Lucky Dube dies at 43

October 24, 2007


JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – South African reggae star Lucky Dube was shot and killed in front of his son and daughter, SABC radio reported on Friday.

Dube, 43, was killed on Thursday night in an apparent car hijacking attempt and police were searching for three suspects, the radio said. (link)

Dube was more that a ‘South African reggae star.’ And it’s no justice to his life dedication of addressing poverty and promoting brotherhood to only refer to him as such.

Dube sang in English about social issues, racism, justice and poverty. With “Together As One” he was the first black person in South Africa whose songs were aired on a white radio station.

President Thabo Mbeki described him as “a great South African artist”, promoting efforts against crime in a country where, in 2006 alone, as many as 20,000 counts of murder have been recorded.(link)

“What makes his death more painful is that it happened at a time when government has renewed its pledge to forge a partnership with people, communities and their institutions to fight crime,” Arts and Culture Minister Pallo Jordan said. (link)

In his eerily prescient 2001 song “Crime and Corruption,” Dube demanded that the post-apartheid government protect its people from the surging crime wave. (link)

In case you’re unfamiliar with Dube’s work, here’s a link to give you a perspective. And here’s an ironic music video of his


T’ings ‘n Times alerts us:

Should you wish to send a message of condolence to Lucky’s family, please email or send a fax to +27 (0) 11 340 9471.

Dube is survived by his wife and seven kids.


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