The DREAM Act rejected

October 25, 2007

Today the DREAM Act was officially rejected again — it felt short 8 additional votes needed to arrive at the senate floor. If passed, this bill would allow those between the age of 12 and 30, who immigrated with their parents illegally while under the age of 15, the opportunity to obtain permanent status.

During the six years of conditional status, the eligible immigrant would be required to either

(1) graduate from a two-year community college,

(2)complete at least two years towards a 4-year degree, or

(3) serve two years in the U.S. military.

After the six year period, an immigrant who meets at least one of these three conditions would be eligible to apply for legal permanent resident (green card) status. (link)

A cruel outcome, indeed. It’s as if no one is willing to help the most vulnerable. How much say did these children have when they emigrated their country of origin? Now they are expected to leave the land where they grew up and return somewhere they have no recollection of?

“Some of their stories are heartbreaking. Many know no other country, know no other language, and now they are being told to leave by our government.” – Lead sponsor Sen. Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill). (link)

I simply don’t understand why anyone would be against such bill. These kids will first have to endure vigorous criminal background check. Then after approval, they aren’t qualified for any federal education grant to go to school. And, they must maintain a clean record the whole time attending school. The most likely product of this process is a model citizen. How could they not contribute to the United States society in a more positive manner than had the bill never existed?

The Washington Times points to certain specific politicians and discusses their actions:

* Sen. John McCain ducked the vote, even though he was in the chamber minutes beforehand for another vote on a judicial nominee. Obviously it’s a tough issue for McCain, who is running for president but has suffered by being identified with amnesty. But his ducking of this vote comes just days after he said assured conservatives he had seen the light on the issue. Today he missed a chance to prove that.

* Sen. Sam Brownback, after flipping on immigration during his presidential run, has now flopped back to where he was before, voting in favor of the Dream Act. This comes just weeks after he told the audience at one of the presidential debates that he no longer supports special paths to citizenship for illegal aliens.

* Sen. Trent Lott, the No. 2 Republican in the Senate, surprised his colleagues by voting in favor of the bill. Hours later, some of his colleagues were surprised to hear of his vote, saying they had been led to believe he would vote against it. His vote puts him at odds with Sen. Mitch McConnell, the Republicans’ leader who told his troops to oppose the bill because Democrats were trying to shut out Republicans’ amendments.

* After opposing President Bush’s broad bill earlier this year, Sen. Jim Webb supported the Dream Act, breaking with two other freshman Democrats from red states — Sens. Jon Tester and Claire McKaskill — who voted against it.

* Among the Democratic presidential candidates, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Barack Obama voted for the bill. Christopher Dodd missed the vote.

There is hope however. The fight isn’t over. Most supporters vow to bring the issue back to the table. I just hope more media coverage was given. I don’t believe anyone that I know is aware.


3 Responses to “The DREAM Act rejected”

  1. Abdul Kargbo Says:

    Well, how dare they try to live legally in this country, with their brown skin and all.

    This whole business makes me sick! Some of these kids have spent more time in the US than they did in the countries they were born in. Some were brought here as infants. It’s sick that conservatives would argue for denying them full citizenship rights.

    These kids have as little control over being in the US as do people who were born here. Nobody chooses their parents or the country of their birth.

    Politicians just want scapegoats, and these “illegal” immigrants are perfect. They have brown skin, English is not their first language, and they come from another country. The only thing that would make them better scapegoats is if they were also gay communist atheists. :-(

  2. “This whole business makes me sick!”

    It breaks my heart.

    “The only thing that would make them better scapegoats is if they were also gay communist atheists.”

    …or Muslims, or veterans, or outspoken, or… Yeah, we’re on the same page.

  3. Kim Says:

    Most Americans consider dream act is incentive to invite more illegals to enter this country. With all other means such as anchor baby. The problem is the bill seems to be a immigration preference (favoritism to Mexicans). They shouldn’t short-cut the legal applicants (many foreign top talents)who wait many years in the line and pay taxes. It’s against the equal opportunity of immigration. According to the statistics, Mexicans count for 19% of foreign immigrants. Why not open up US borders to every country not just the southern border. Speaking of poverty, African refugees deserve more to come this country than the mexicans do.

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