Muslim homosexuals proud, not loud

November 7, 2007

Somewhat informative and somewhat humorous (because how absurd the reality revealed is) article in the Times today.

SAN FRANCISCO — About 15 people marched alongside the Muslim float in this city’s notoriously fleshy Gay Pride Parade earlier this year, with various men carrying the flags of Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine and Turkey and even Iran’s old imperial banner.

While other floats featured men dancing in leather Speedos or women with scant duct tape over their nipples, many Muslims were disguised behind big sunglasses, fezzes or kaffiyehs wrapped around their heads. (link)

This, because the mentality of rejecting homosexuality wholeheartedly remains strong even in the American Muslim community. Revealing this unorthodox sexual orientation would only shun these individuals from their community.

Imam Daayiee Abdullah, 53, a black convert to Islam, was expelled from a Saudi-financed seminary in Virginia after the school found out he is gay. His effort to organize a gay masjid, or mosque, in Washington failed largely out of fear, he said. “(They said) that they would blow up a masjid if it was a gay masjid.”

The article mostly considers the interpretation classically derived on the topic from the Koran. The end result almost always being at it’s best to advocate resisting the urge, and at it’s worse, killing the freak. While reading, a strange sentence popped out to me.

The classical attitude toward lesbians is even murkier, said Scott Kugle, an American convert and university professor who specializes in the topic, because sex was defined as penetration.

Now I certainly realize that I am outside looking into a foreign culture/religion. So I’ll refrain from too much subjective comments. But you can’t stop me from practicing my right as a blogger to freely cherry pick quotes to prove my point!

The ultra-conservative imam, Hassan al-Jalal, tells the story of how God hates the gays and wants them dead, referring to the Islamic view of Lot.

All sects mandate capital punishment, he argued, although others differ. “Sunni, Shiite, they all agree that they have to be killed. But who does it? Not me or you, only by law.”

The article continues to specifically discuss how each interviewed gay American-Muslim interpret for their own peace of mind the writing of Koran and its history, their past experience (negative and positive), and life today — generally, not easy.

I would like to suggest both parties read this fine book I had the pleasure to review once. Won’t answer questions. But certainly revealing.


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