Something new at Post Secret

November 14, 2007

postsecret4I have problems. I’m sure you do as well. Even when life is pretty close to perfect, there always remains a little factor that one would rather modify. At times these negative factors can get the best of you, and that’s called depression . . . I think.

We each have our specific mechanics of dealing with situation during these moments — some smoke cigarettes, others exercise, slashing the wrist is pretty popular, I tend to just walk it out. Quiet a few folks, though, design or view a postcard to describe how they are feeling — a trend that started at

Post Secret is the largest advertisement-free blog that’s updated every week with a new set of postcards designed by anonymous individuals, in which they reveal their secret in a creative manner. The categories of confessions are pretty diverse — humorous, suicidal, aspiring, proud or anything else personal the author needs to get off his/her chest. More often than not, you likely will relate to one or few of these postcards.


But not necessarily always. ; )


Regardless of that fact, I personally make certain to visit the blog every week. It really gives me strength. I know it’s curious. And I can’t explain why. But “106,646,241” relate.

But after finishing reading these postcards, I can’t help feeling a bit unfulfilled. I always either want to immediately discuss with someone what I just saw, see more secrets, or maybe just reveal my own anonymously without the effort of making a creative postcard.

I guess they read my mind. Because when last I checked for new updates, I noticed something different – a banner that leads to a Web site that does exactly what I was requesting through telekinesis, and a whole lot more. Introducing Post Secret Community!




2 Responses to “Something new at Post Secret”

  1. David Says:

    Since you like PostSecret, you should really try !

  2. Ugh. Too many ugly thoughts in one room. How depressing. Ha.

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