Gang rape victim sentenced

November 17, 2007

When religious or traditional beliefs overlap with the law of the land, the outcome isn’t always logical.

We witness this to be true when we hear from folks who, in the twenty first century, want children to learn creationism in school. If Christian parents want to teach their kids of Adam and Eve, then no outsider can dictate it to be untrue, and therefore deem it unethical to do so. But Jews, Muslims, Jains and Buddhist children, too, attend the very same school the advocates want to modify the science class curriculum for. Realize that the bible plays as much part in a Hindu child’s life as the Bhagvad-Gita does in a Christian child’s life: zero. That’s where I’ll leave that argument.

Same is true with folks who oppose legalizing marriage between two homosexuals. They claim their religion (and personal beliefs) strictly prohibits so. And of course, all must adhere to their fancy.

In a like twisted government ruling, a 19-year-old woman from Saudi Arabia, who was raped 14 times by seven men, was sentenced to 90 lashes for being in a vehicle with a man who isn’t family.

The rape victim was punished for violating Saudi Arabia’s laws on segregation that forbid unrelated men and women from associating with each other. (BBC)

For the record, the seven men were too punished. Ranging from ten months to up to 5 years.

The story gets better (worse, actually).

A Saudi court has increased the sentence given to (the) gang rape victim to 200 lashes of the whip and six months in prison and ordered disciplinary action against her lawyer. (Reuters)

This happened because she and her lawyer spoke to the media and got sympathy from folks around the world. They shouldn’t have done that. And the government made certain they realize so at the appeals court.

The lawyer, Abdel Rahman al-Lahem, could potentially lose his license. At the moment he is suspended. There are talks to appeal for the third time. But really, would you be surprised if the victim was sentenced to more lashes and time was added to her sentencing?

Lahem’s critics have called him an infidel and “lawyer of homosexuals”. In the past he has been jailed and banned from traveling abroad. He will appear before a disciplinary committee at the ministry of justice on December 5, charged with criticising the judiciary and conducting activist campaigns in the media. (Guardian)

The lawyers is actually a true advocate for those facing injustice in the country. Here’s a link to an article where Lahem took on the case of an outspoken journalist.

Saudi journalist Rabah Al-Quwayi, 24, has been detained by Hail authorities in connection with his writings posted on Internet forums, which they allege place his Islamic faith in doubt.

Lawyer Abdul Rahman Al-Lahem announced yesterday that he would be representing Al-Quwayi.


8 Responses to “Gang rape victim sentenced”

  1. You’re comments about creationism are astonishing.

    How many views of existence are there? Let’s see we’ve got evolution(which encompasses big bang theory and other types of beginnings) and then we’ve got creationism. Are there a few other thoughts on the subject that Im not aware of?

    I think that not to present the two sides of the story, evolution and creationism is a failure to educate and let people(students and children) make their own minds up.

    All “religions” whether its a religion of science, Muslim, Christianity, Buddhist, or any other all have an element of faith.

    I personally think it takes just about the same amount of faith to believe that a star exploded somewhere in outer space millions of years ago and then just happened to spur some cells to mix and create life that today is incredible human beings(wow), as it does to believe there is a higher power that created you and I.

    hmm. Great comments on keeping The Bible out of schools. very interesting logic…

  2. Dear realchurchpeople,

    Thanks for visiting HNL. I wish we were discussing the serious matter this post was about. But since it seems I struck a chord with the usage of an example, I feel obligated to respond.

    Evolution theory does not require faith. It’s backed by facts. Which are backed by scientists. Can you find me anyone in the science fields that support creationism? You’d likely be hard pressed to. And we are discussing science class here, not religion.

    “hmm. Great comments on keeping The Bible out of schools. very interesting logic…”

    Now that part of your comment leads me to believe you have an agenda. Because I never said the Bible must kept out of school. I said that the Bible must be held with the same respect, on the same level, as the Bhagvad-Gita, or the Koran for that matter.

  3. Thanks for the response. I see that you were clearly referencing the Bible when you said:

    “Realize that the bible plays as much part in a Hindu child’s life as the Bhagvad-Gita does in a Christian child’s life: zero. That’s where I’ll leave that argument.”

    I think that the Bible does have impact on the beliefs of other religions because we see similar beliefs on different topics such as creationism. I’m not saying “all” things are the same yet there are some similarities.

    Regarding scientists who believe in creationism, there are scientists who would accept creation as a valid truth for existence. If you do a web search you can come up with a pretty good list of scientists who do.

    Thanks for the discussion. :)

  4. Heres a sample:

    “Scientists who utterly reject Evolution may be one of our fastest-growing controversial minorities… Many of the scientists supporting this position hold impressive credentials in science.” By Larry Hatfield, “Educators Against Darwin,” Science Digest Special (Winter 1979), pp. 94-96.

  5. There is only one evolution theory.

    There are multiple creationism theory — which conflict each other. Here is a link of those:

    And here’s a link that lists what all religion’s belief of origin is:

    Which one of those do you want to see being taught alongside the evolution theory?

  6. Abdul Kargbo Says:


    Why waste your breath on real church people?

    Your blog was excellent, well-thought-out and well-written. Yet someone focuses on a tiny part of what you wrote and tried to call you out on it.

    Total waste of your time.

    These people are not interested in discussing alternatives to evolution. They are only interested in advancing the teaching of CHRISTIAN doctrine. I wouldn’t mind if kids were taught the Incan or Aborigine or Yoruba stories of creation but of course, real church people only want the Christian version taught in schools.

    When they say they want religion in schools, what they’re really calling for in Christianity in schools. Besides being unconstitutional—whole separation of church and state thing—it’s also unfair because Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Atheists, and others pay taxes just like Christians. Why should their kids have to study Christian doctrine in public schools?

    Oh, I forgot! Christianity’s the one true faith. Duh! My bad!!

  7. Thanks Abdul.

    I was indulging realchurchpeolpe in a conversation, hoping to sway him to our side with logic. But it’s like speaking to a robot every time you argue on this topic.

    I, without fail, hear, “give the kids all sides of the story. And then let them make up their mind.”

    Well that’s what I just did when responding to his comments. Gave him choices. All hundreds of them.

  8. James Bond Says:

    Gang Rape in a Bible!!!
    1. Gang Rape in Old Jewish Testament
    2. Gang Rape in Germans Army ( Wehrmacht )
    3. Rape in U.S. Army
    4. Rape in christian Society
    5. Rape in Old and New Testament

    Atheist 100%

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