Latest of ICE’s ignorant intrusive invasion

November 26, 2007

I swear that ICE, or Immigration and Customs Enforcement, must be the most unconstitutional federal agency ever created in the United States. They keep getting away with violating basic human rights everyone agrees we’re born with.

What’s worse is that local police assist them in doing so. When was border patrol added to their job description?

The latest of these unlawful violations in today’s Times. I was left with a knot in my stomach after reading the first paragraph.

It was still dark the morning of Sept. 27 when armed federal immigration agents, guided by local police officers, swept into this village on the East End of Long Island. Within hours, as the team rousted sleeping families, 11 men were added to a running government tally of arrests made in Operation Community Shield. (NYT)

The details of this ordeal is most horrifying. The agents arrested

Omar Lopez, 25, a Shelter Island landscaper, who had been asleep with his fiancée and infant son. Valentin Rudy Escobar Montenegro, a Guatemalan carpenter, also was with his wife and baby.

But first a little back ground on this “Operation Community Shields” from the official Web Site.

In February 2005, ICE began Operation Community Shield, a national law enforcement initiative that targets violent transnational street gangs through the use of ICE’s broad law enforcement powers, including the unique and powerful authority to remove (deport) criminal aliens, including illegal aliens and legal permanent resident aliens. (ICE)

“Broad law enforcement power?” Damn. ICE seems to me to be the most connected gang. I mean isn’t their tactics illegal? and the organization itself, too? Where do I go to report them? Then deport them?

“We’re not here stomping all over anybody’s rights,” said Peter J. Smith, the special agent in charge of the Long Island operation. “We’ve got immigration powers.”

Maybe I’m a bit harsh with my criticism. I know they are just doing their job. But wait…

Only one of the 11 men taken away that morning was suspected of a gang affiliation, according to the Southold Town police. The 10 others, while accused of immigration violations, were not gang associates and had no criminal records.

Possibly, the argument half of you reading this will back is that, “well those arrested were still breaking the law. They were here illegally.” Or something close to it. Am I in the ballpark?

Omar Lopez, his fiancée, Yanci, and their son, Kevin, born in May in Greenport. With Marvin still missing, Omar surfaced eight days after the raid in a call from a jail in New Jersey. “I cry here inside prison, just thinking about Yanci and what she’s doing to survive,” he said. “And then I think about my son, and it’s very painful.”I understand what you’re saying. But tell me something. Had they broken any other law, let’s say, dealing couple of kilos of cocaine, wouldn’t the government still need a warrant to enter their home? These folks’ “illegal activity” isn’t the least bit comparable to dealing hard drugs, but they’re treated worse.

If some of you still remain lost for compassion, I understand. I can’t change your mentality if you’re set on your beliefs. But you couldn’t possibly disagree that something is wrong when someone legally can break into a house in the middle of the night and break up families sleeping together.


8 Responses to “Latest of ICE’s ignorant intrusive invasion”

  1. Abdul Kargbo Says:


    I appreciate your outrage, hardknock. Seems so many people simply accept the grossest violations of human[s’] rights as long as it’s not their rights being violated.

    To quote a classic American movie, “This used to be one hell of a country.” Where are we headed?

    When they came for the undocumented immigrants, I did not speak out because I was not undocumented . . ..

    How will this story end?

  2. Seriously. I cannot believe I am witnessing such violations during my lifetime. Growing up, I always equated being an American to being a free human being. This is not the reality I want my kids to be born into.

  3. Baekho Says:

    Increasingly, I find myself unable to recognize this country, let alone support what it seems to stand for.

    Incidentally, Hard Knock Life, where do you see a constitutional violation? I have no doubts that this is a serious human rights violation, but if we can back that up constitutionally, maybe somebody will be able to do something…?

  4. Hi Baekho,

    This one to begin with:

    And this one, too. Since they were out looking for gang members, not the undocumented:

    Also true if you agree with me when I said, “I always equated being an American to being a free human being.”

  5. Baekho Says:

    Very true…and thanks for point that out! Do you know if anybody is bringing a lawsuit against the ICE?

  6. Baekho, I love the way you think. You’re not a civil rights lawyer by any chance, are you? ;)

    Anyways, to answer your question, I was not sure so I just looked it up. And yes, there are law suits against ICE. ICE is beyond f’ed up dude! Check it out:

    Union files suit against ICE to stop immigration raids
    Lawsuit: ICE drugging detainees set for deportation
    Minn. Immigrant Rights Group Sues ICE Over Swift Meatpacking Raid
    Man legally in U.S. who was detained is fighting crackdown

  7. Baekho Says:

    Hahaha, not yet, although that is a potential career option. ;)

    It’s good to see that many lawsuits against ICE. They’re totally f’ed up!

  8. Yanely Says:

    I.C.E is relly stupid because all of the Immigrants just come here for a better future for there kids. Also why do americans want us to leave? I bet anything in the whole wide world rthat if the Mexicans leave none of the americans will dare to go work in the fields
    MEXICANS SRE THE BEST n YOU NO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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