Oh. My. God. Predatory lending everywhere I look in this country, the United States of America.

I’m certain you’ve seen news left and right on subprime lending. Some focus on the turmoil it’s causing on the financial market.

Others on the mortgage companies themselves getting into a bit of trouble because of their abuse of position that they practiced.

…potential borrowers were often led to high-cost and sometimes unfavorable loans that resulted in richer commissions for Countrywide’s smooth-talking sales force, outsize fees to company affiliates providing services on the loans, and a roaring stock price that made Countrywide executives among the highest paid in America.

But I’d like to bring your attention to the little guy. You know the one who doesn’t have a fancy financial degree. And whose house is being foreclosed at never-before-seen levels, all across the country.

Worcester and four other Massachusetts counties saw home foreclosures increase by at least 80 percent during the last 12 months, according to ForeclosuresMass.com.

Sylwia Kapuscinski for The New York Times

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